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The following are resources I have come across in the past several months that aid writers and bloggers in their craft.

The following are resources I have come across in the past several months that aid writers and bloggers in their craft.  Since my blog is not monetary, this list is mainly geared towards simple blogging and those needing a bit of encouragement as a writer.  I'll be updating it periodically, so bookmark this page for future reference!

Blogs about Writing:

Jeff Goins
A blog with tons of ideas, tips and inspirational posts about becoming a better, more productive writer.

Writer's Edit: The Literary Magazine
This site is full of tips and resources for writers.  If you follow them on Twitter, they often post great quotes about writing!

Podcasts for writers and bloggers:

Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach
This link will take you to her blog, podcast and coaching business.  I've been binge-listening to the podcast because each one is only 3 to 7 minutes long and she offers some helpful tips on writing.

The Creative Penn 
Joanna Penn offers resources on how to write, publish and edit your book.  Though I'm not writing a book, I still found this podcast to be relevant as a writer.

The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
Goins provides inspiring ideas for developing professionally and personally as a writer. 

How They Blog
Although the last episode for this podcast aired in 2014, I am still finding the information to be very useful as a blogger.  I especially enjoyed episode 33 with Anne Bogel (whose podcast, What Should I Read Next is also fantastic) and episode 30 on the fundamentals of becoming a better writer.

Podcasts related to creatives:

The Accidental Creative
I listened to the episode "10 Things I've Learned in 10 Years of Podcasts" and really enjoyed hearing about what he has learned over the years.

Magic Lessons, with Elizabeth Gilbert
I especially loved the first two episodes of this podcast, so I would definitely start there.  It was very encouraging to me as an intrepid new writer to just get started doing what I knew I needed to do. 

Websites for Images:

I'm not a photographer, so this is where I usually get the images for my blog.  They have over 620,000 stock images that are free and within the copyright laws of Creative Commons.   

This is my favorite site for creating blog titles and twitter and Pinterest images.  The images are limited, so first download an image from pixabay, upload it to canva and then add your title.

If I do happen to take my own photo, this is a very user-friendly site for free photo editing and creating collages.

Helpful Articles:

15 Ways to Avoid Blogger Burnout, by Pinch of Yum blog
Though this is from a food blog (with amazing recipes, by the way), this article applies to all bloggers.  It gave me some great ideas on setting boundaries.

Why It's Kind of Okay If No One Reads Your Blog, by Rebecca K. Reynolds
I mentioned this article in a previous Thursday Thoughts for Writers post as one that liberated me from feeling like I had to share everything with the world for the sake of authenticity.

In Which I am Retiring "In Which" and a Few Other Decisions About Blogging, by Sarah Bessey
Love this:  "Chill out. Write what I want, when I want, and hang the rest of it. I still believe down deep that good content trumps click-bait titles and free graphics."  This is also a timely post if you feel close to burn out!


The Peony Project (Facebook Group)
A space for women who love Jesus, love blogging and love community.  This is a fantastic group of women and I have learned a ton from being a part of this group.

What other resources can you add to this?  Drop a comment below or send me a personal message and if it's relevant, I'll add it to the list!


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The following are resources I have come across in the past several months that aid writers and bloggers in their craft.

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