You Know You’re Married to a Voice Actor When...

This is in honor of my fabulous husband, THE Adam Verner, voice actor and audio book narrator extraordinaire (whose birthday happens to be this Sunday).

 You know you're married to a voice actor when...

You know you're married to a voice actor when...  

1. Your spouse does vocal warm-ups in the shower every morning (which your children then mimic).  

2. All of your computer scratch paper is on commercials and signed contracts.

3. Your spouse doesn’t feel like talking at the end of the day.  

4. Common household words include talk of agents, demos, pay-to-play sites, SAG-AFTRA, royalty share, ISDN, whisper rooms, Studio Bricks, “on ice,” FAFFCON, and WoVOCon. 
5. Random strangers say things to your spouse like, “Has anyone ever told you that you have a great voice? You could make a living with it.”

6. Your spouse finishes a project and is immediately out of work again.

7. People ask your spouse to perform and speak in different accents.

8. Your 3-year-old son has already done his first audition and is about to get headshots (college money, people).

9. Your spouse turns his head (and turns up the volume) when listening to commercials on T.V. instead of watching the screen because he’s listening to the voice over (and occasionally says “That’s my friend, so-and-so...”)

10. Your monthly income can differ by thousands of dollars each month.

11. A common joke between you and your spouse is that he should start charging people for expecting him to do readings in church, at weddings and at other public events for free (and that your kids are racking up quite a bill).

12. Getting a cold is a BIG DEAL.

13. Losing your voice is an EVEN BIGGER DEAL.

14. Your spouse tells you that it always ends up being down to him and one other guy (and the other guy always gets the gig).

15. Everyone wants to talk to your spouse about the “person they know who wants to get into voice over…and can you please talk to them?”

16. Your children know that they can’t make noise while daddy is working because “he’s talking into a microphone so that people will give him money.”

17. People love asking your spouse questions about their work.

18. You hear your spouse read to your children and know that one day they will beg daddy to do it every time (because “doing the voices” can’t begin to describe the 5 star performance they are getting for free). 


Life is never boring.  Love you, baby;-) 

Check out this podcast interview with Adam on What Should I Read Next? with Anne Bogel!  


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