Day 5: I Never Expected...{31 Days of Re-Entry}

The following journal entries are of the cyclical (or "spaghetti brain," as my husband calls it) variety that I warned you of earlier, but I think even that is a testament to the nature of re-entry.  Questions of identity, grief, doubt and confusion will circle back around daily at first, then weekly and eventually you will be so in the thick of life back "home," that they will only occasionally tap at your heart. 

My personal struggle came from a place of slowly accepting that my "call to missions" and my call to marriage would have to be a mutually exclusive one. 

This first journal entry was written the week after I flew back to the states, and 4 days after I got engaged.

July 22, 2010
"It feels surreal to be here [in Chicago] and yet so natural at the same time.  I think I just feel like I'm on vacation, though in some ways I do feel like I'm suspended in air and homeless.  God-willing, I'll be married on January 15, about 6 months from now.  This is amazing and wonderful, but also so much harder than I thought. 

I never expected to have to give up missions. 

I never expected that I would marry someone who wasn't in ministry. 

I never expected to be living in Chicago again. 

I love this city--the lake, gardens, quaint neighborhoods, diversity, culture and quirks--but I just don't feel at home here anymore. 

It's kind of like having an old coat that you loved and wore for years, but eventually decided to give to Goodwill.  You finally allowed yourself to part with it and invest in a new coat, but one day the coat is returned to you and the giver expects you to wear it with the same level of affection you had when it was new.  It is difficult to love a place when your heart has already moved on to somewhere else. 

Jesus, you are my Rock.  People, places and life circumstances may change, but You never do.  You are the same here that you were in China. 

Lord God, thank you for your abundant blessings.  Please forgive me for being like the Israelites, who begged to be delivered out of Egypt, only to spend the next 40 years complaining about the manna and the wandering.  Forgive me Lord, for I've been begging for a life partner for half my life and now all I can do is see what I'm giving up.  Please transform my attitude. 

Lord Jesus,
You are my life. 
You give my life meaning and purpose. 
You are my joy, hope and peace. 
You provide for all my needs. 
You never leave, fail or forsake me. 
You cleanse me and forgive my sins. 
You fill all my empty places and give me a firm place to stand. 

Not Adam. 
Not China. 
Not being a teacher or missionary or student.
You are my identity and that will never change."

Feb. 3, 2011 (I was married Jan. 15, 2011)
"My life is so different than what I thought it would be, but it feels so right and good.  I love being married and have no doubt that this is your will.  I'm just not sure how the past 15 years relate to now...

Please help me to keep moving forward, keep listening, keep growing."

Acknowledgement of expectations, acceptance of God's will, reorienting yourself to the cross and moving forward are all healthy ways to cope with the pain and confusion you may feel in re-entry.  But don't be surprised if you find yourself journaling about the same struggles again, and again, and again...

How has your life been different from the way you expected?  Was leaving the field confusing to you because you thought that you had been called there for life?  How did you cope with this transition?

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